November 2012 Open Mic

Dear Writers,
Stories + Art at November’s Open Mic!

This month we welcomed poet Keith Moul to our midst. He writes poetry that pairs with his photo art, including this gorgeous road-in-the-desert scene. Thank you, Keith, for giving us a lovely backdrop for your reading. (The other backdrop is the half-built holiday sleigh at Village Books.)

Jim Milstead was the night’s opener with a holiday-themed, oh-so-slightly sarcastic poem discussing shopping for the season. Lest we be lulled by a seasonal greeting, next came “Land of Milk and Honeybucket.” Susan Cross followed with traumatic and hilarious memories of prepping Sunday schoolkids for a pageant—Who moved baby Jesus? Nancy Canyon had us in stitches with a new story, “Holy Spirit Delivers,” featuring a character who has a go at a revival meeting in her living room, by herself.

C.J. Prince read “My Brother,” a thought-provoking poem about relationships. It was the night for art, as C.J. also brought an art-inspired poem, hers to a Modigliani painting. She’s doing NanoWriMo and reported she’s at 44,954 words. Go, C.J.! Rae Ellen Lee shared a great excerpt from her novel-in-process, Cheating the Hog, featuring a group of gutsy women working at a sawmill and living out their unlucky choices.

We heard from Dick Harris, who spoke last week to the Whatcom Art Guild on the topic of poetry as art. Dick read “The Prairie Rolls On,” a beautiful poem dedicated to his grandparents, homesteaders in South Dakota at the turn of the last century. Drawing on her Mexican muse, Susan Chase Foster brought poems based on events she witnessed in Bucerías. Congrats to Susan for completing 24 years of teaching. She is now turning her efforts to writing and sketching full-time. Yay, Susan!

Tsena Paulson moved us with her poems about witnessing the process of death, including “Cookies and Death” and “Exhaling.” These were beautiful tributes to her friend and thoughtful examinations of the topic. Janet Oakley ended the night with her wonderful essay “First Walks,” forthcoming in Bellingham’s Clover literary rag.

Here’s some other happenings about town:

From Carolyn McCarthy of Little Bird Theater: An Evening of Film and Fungi, 5:30 PM, Saturday, December 1, Limelight Cinema, 1416 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham.

From Matthew Brouwer: Voices of Chronic Pain: An Evening of Tribulations and Triumphs Told Through Story, Dance, Music, and Poetry, 7:00 PM, Wednesday, December 12, YWCA, 1026 North Forest Street, Bellingham.

From C.J. Prince: See more photos from this open mic on her Facebook page:

  • As always, send me your writing-related event notices so I can help spread the word! Pretty please, tell someone else about this blog.
  • Check out the open mic “regulars” page. If you’d like to be added you must have read within the last three months. Send me your site link, too, so I can include it!
  • Read more from me at Dogpatch Writers Collective.

No open mic in December. Go burn some yams and then write about it. The next open mic is Monday, January 28 at 7 PM in the Readings Gallery at Village Books. Bring your post-holiday anecdotes and New Year musings—or any creative work in progress. The rosters fill early so be sure to sign up ahead of time at the main counter on the first floor or call (360)-671-2626.Write on!

xo Laurel Leigh

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