Dear Writers,

Check out this whimsical post from Cecile’s Writers – this may be the best porn ever!

xo Laurel Leigh

Blog Cecile's Writers

A fellow writer recommended I take a look at a blog called Book Porn. Apparently it’s a blog with pictures of the most beautiful bookstores and libraries in the world. As I’d already written a blog post on this (The Seduction of Bookstores), I was curious what more this site had to offer.

However, she didn’t remember what the url was and just told me to google it. So, when I got home, I googled ‘Book Porn’. I didn’t find the blog, but I did find a lot of other great things on Pinterest, a digital pinboard. If you type ‘Book Porn’ there you’ll get an array of creative ideas on how you can use books as art. Before I knew it, I lost track of  time looking at how creative some people are.

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