The Zombie Method by SubtleKate

Dear Writers:

April 15 looms for us all. Doing my taxes motivates me to write, sweep my floor, bite my nails, and look for blogs about zombies. Here’s one of the most clever and funniest writing practice prompts I’ve seen in a while. Gotta love it Down Under zombie-style! Many thanks to Kate for giving me a great reason to stop inputting tax data and work on a short story about a woman who really misses her ex-husband (a CPA, sigh), between March 15 and April 15. xo Laurel Leigh

The Zombie Method.

8 thoughts on “The Zombie Method by SubtleKate

        • He’s going to get a big head with all this praise. But his second installment is going more slowly. He is currently focused on writing a short story for school with characters who appear in the dining hall during a school overnight snow trip to the mountains. The characters include “Shredded Bob n’ Oats (a shredded oat square), “Slip ‘n Slobber Shake n’ Rain (a St. Bernard puppy who drools—don’t they all, ha!), Honey Nut Cheerio, and Milk-waukee McDread. Once he’s finished that story, he can concentrate on the second installment of the graphic novel. For a kid who used to “hate” writing, I am so pleased that he’s taken to these projects with enthusiasm. Yay!

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