March 2013 Open Mic @ Village Books

??????????????????????Dear Writers:

Okaaaayyy! Sorry this is late but I hope you enjoy a recap of March’s open mic. It was another great evening full of stories, poetry, laughter, and reflection. I always leave the open mics feeling jazzed up about writing. Someone told me they call it karaoke, which is a great nickname, although I didn’t see any lip synching and all the material was fully original!

David Axelrod launched the night with a gorgeous poem called “What If?” and established himself as a great new member of our open mic crowd. Welcome, David! Open mic regular Jim Milstead brought a couple memories, including “Air Borne” as well as some April Fool’s jokes to welcome the new month. Lori Nelson Clouts read “The Lie Detector Test,” the opening to a short story detailing the scenario of a woman encountering a job interview that includes a polygraph—not your everyday job interview! [Lori, I’m not sure I’m correctly reading my own handwriting, so if I got your last name wrong, please correct me. Thanks.]

Tele Aadsen

Along came Shannon Hager with “Raised with Bush Devils,” a tale of a character’s introduction into a secret society in Africa. We can count on Shannon to keep things lively. Next was the inimitable Susan Chase Foster, fresh back from Hawaii (the brat), with poetry including “Kauai Time” plus a ‘backyard composition’ entitled “The Advantage of Being a Squirrel.” Curtis Alden joined our lineup with a torch poem about those breakups that aren’t really breakups until they are. Ouch, but great poem.

(BTW: I’m watching American Idol as I type this and feel the need to mention that Ryan Seacrest is cute as ever but I’m not crazy about his tie.)

Vince Landi had us enthralled with ‘part one’ of “Two Painters.” This is a long short story, and Vince promised to bring the rest of the story for us next time. It’s our open mic serial! Kari Neumeyer joined us to share a sweet, inspiring tale of two puppies. Then Tele Aadsen came along with a lyrically written essay about her experiences as a commercial fisherman. All great stuff!

Pam Helberg read from “Co-Parents,” exploring the experiences of two women seeking a sperm donor in the, as she put it, Not so Gay 90s. This piece was great in that it had both hilarious and uncomfortable moments. Diana Swan rounded out the night with her piece about loyalty intended for Whatcom Reads.


Village Books

Thanks to everyone who read and came to support this great evening! Find more pics from open mic here.

XO Laurel Leigh

The next open mic is Monday, May 27 at 7 pm in the Readings Gallery at Village Books. Bring your writing about history and memories—or any creative work in progress. The rosters fill early so be sure to sign up ahead of time at the main counter on the first floor or call (360)-671-2626.Write on!

5 thoughts on “March 2013 Open Mic @ Village Books

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    • You’re the cutest mommy I had, and I think you had me when you were negative four, but never mind because I totally needed that. One because my mommy isn’t around anymore to tell me to turn off the TV, and two because no self-respecting writer has it on while at the keyboard. Just for the record, TV is off!

  2. Hi Mary, an actual Literary Karaoke sounds like a blast. Thanks for telling me how you did it. I will have to try it with the group out here. I think it would be a hit.
    Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend! And keep the great posts coming!

  3. What a great idea! It sounds like so much fun, and inspiring. Too bad I’m way over on the east coast.

    My husband and I (and our son used to) travel to Swindon, UK ever year to attend the Fforde Ffiesta. It’s a small convention led by fans of the British author Jasper Fforde. They have all kinds of fun things happening – one of them is a competition they call Literary Karaoke. I had never heard of it before. There’s a big book of passages from various literary works. You pick a passage and when it’s your turn you “perform” the passage. That’s great fun, too!!

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