“My Sister Was the Seemly One,” Says I, In Reply (to Mr. Allegra a.k.a. heylookawriterfellow)

Dear Writers:

I love this picture of my beautiful mom and sis, looking like some glam 1950s socialite and mini me. Two beauties!

No such similar picture exists of Mom and me. That is, no such picture of me looking that darling in a dress exists. My older sister could just pull it off.

Me, well . . . even the room here seems a bit unruly.

Me Somewhere

In high school, my sister played the lead female role in Rumpelstiltskin with seemly grace (she was a hit, and I loved watching her!).

By comparison, me:

On Shoulders

My mom was seemly on her wedding day to her first husband.

This is another pic I love of her taken in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, where they were married in 1935.

Mom's wedding day

Let’s just say, I shouldn’t really show you any of my Hawaii honeymoon pictures — groom #2 and due to an extremely archaic law in the state of Idaho, technically ex #3, yes, the one who dogsits Chloe, in case you’re wondering — in such a public forum.

What’s that?

Yes, of course he’s the one I’m poking fun at in this story published by the wonderful Clover, A Literary Rag, because I can. Psst: There’s one week left to submit to Clover for the upcoming issue!

Anyhoo, with two such seemly gals in the family, didn’t a little of it rub off?

Let’s review. My sis:


Yours truly:

I Didn't Do It

So this is all relevant to an important topic at hand, one in which I am trying to con a certain extremely talented, fantastic, witty, and renowned kids’ book author into doodling a salamander to make some little kids and future poets of Whatcom County WA happy. This certain stunningly great kids’ book author has recently replied that my continual “begging” for the salamander doodle is “unseemly.”

Well, says I, since my lovely sis clearly had the seemly part covered, it was up to me to eat worms and bring snakes in the house, and lately plead on this most worthy cause to acquire a totally original and dazzlingly funny doodle of a salamander from this writer/illustrator I’ve been blatantly stalking and whom I’ve wheedled all of my friends into blatantly stalking to whom I’ve submitted this most courteous appeal.

If you are new to this incredibly silly yet doubly important blog thread, please allow me to point you here and there to catch up:

Mike Allegra

Click the pic to view: In which the famed author/illustrator announces the winner of a marvelous doodle, and in which I plea for a second chance at a doodle, or a first one, depending on one’s point of view. Please feel quite free to overwhelm his blog with pleas for a salamander doodle. He’s a parent and can be worn down at some point. I’m nearly sure of it! Maybe?


In which it is revealed that I, a humble writer of prose, must attempt to pen a children’s poem for Speak Easy 16, a glorious event on April 12, 2 p.m. at Mt. Baker Theatre in Whatcom County WA designed to encourage the wonderful children of Whatcom County to write and read poetry.


In which I am reduced to exploiting the likenesses of children in an urgent plea to acquire a famed Allegra doodle of a salamander to pair with my poem that of course stars a salamander, all in the name of poetry for kids! (Isn’t my niece, Bella, the cutest! And she is super smart and sweet and creative and loves to read!)

















In which the delightful book of the famed author/doodler can be seen and discussed and praised and purchased. All jokes aside, folks, SARAH GIVES THANKS is a wonderful kids’ book with a strong, delightful female role model and a wonderful message. The story tells about Sarah Josepha Hale’s unique and brave quest to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. Some might even call her “pesky,” a term that has lately been bandied about in reference to yours truly.

Sarah and Natalia ext

In which more child exploitation occurs, again in the name of poetry and salamander doodles. I am incredibly lucky to have such cute, talented, smart nieces who can do anything they want to in this world and who are getting good grades in school and helping their mom around the house.

Mike Allegra in natural habitat

In which you can join this worthy cause and LIKE the famed doodler’s Facebook page (I’m planning to take full credit for all new likes during this questing period) and also check out the hilarious Posts to Page my rabble-rousing friends are putting on his Facebook page. We’ve gone too far now to turn back! Join us, comrades! Help us get a salamander doodle from Mike Allegra for the kids of Whatcom County!
















Got it? Okay, so now summon the kid inside and kindly join me in a rousing cry of:

Mike, pppplllllleeeeaaaasssseee!

XO Laurel Leigh

Me Then

I can’t remember how old my unseemly self is in this pic. I think it’s first grade, since my hair is short. I had long, curly hair to my waist when I was five years old, but I hated having it brushed, so my parents finally cut it off. My mom said everyone cried but unseemly me.




21 thoughts on ““My Sister Was the Seemly One,” Says I, In Reply (to Mr. Allegra a.k.a. heylookawriterfellow)

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    • Oh, thank you, Laura! I’ve really been needing some positive feedback. Lately, I’ve been called pesky and a rabble rouser. I’m willing to take a few hits for the cause of the salamander, but your words are helping balance out the pain. 🙂

    • Hi Jil! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’m not sure how much the doodler himself is enjoying it, but, oh yes, I fully intend to keep this going as long as I have strength to type!

    • I’m so thankful for friends such as you, Hollie. Strong, successful women who write well but can’t draw. At least I don’t think you can. We’ve never really talked about that over tea.

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