And For No Reason Whatsoever…

Dear Writers:
After days of waiting and wondering, check out heylookawriterfellow’s doodle. Isn’t it the most beautiful doodle you’ve ever seen?!!!
Yes, I cried.

Mike Allegra Salamander DoodleAnd For No Reason Whatsoever….

Mr. Allegra, you have made a lot of little kids, big kids and one canine in Whatcom County WA extremely happy. A truly proper thank-you post will be coming forthwith—as soon as we finish dancing and singing in the streets.

XO Laurel Leigh




16 thoughts on “And For No Reason Whatsoever…

  1. Did you hear? Just came over the news: Thanks to Artist Allegra all schools in Whatcom County will be closed tomorrow in celebration of the first annual We ❤ Salamanders Day! There's gonna be a parade, a picnic and a salamander look-alike contest. In the event of a downpour the event will be rescheduled for the following Friday, or the one after that, and so on. Thank you, dear Mr. Allegra!

  2. Mike the salamander is great. Everything we hoped for. Thank-you. You are a God among men. A Paragon. A Shining Example. Whatcom County’s Sexiest Illustrator Alive. THE SECOND COMING.

    I’ll stop now.

  3. Mike, you are the best! And what a lovely salamander. He’s so darling I think he’ll be visiting me in my dreams too.

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