It’s a Good Day to Write Like Water!

Dear Writers: Meet me over at The Narrative Project for a class on story structure I’m teaching on Thursday, October 29, 5 p.m. Pacific via Zoom.

Over the years, a lot of the requests I get for help with memoirs and novels pertain to structure. As we all know, establishing the architecture of a story can be tricky because the story’s structural design is both a writing tool and a container for the action line, but the structure should not upstage nor inhibit the unfolding action of the narrative, and neither should it be confused with the plot. One issue we all face is that despite everything we know about story and structure, every story is ultimately unique, so we have to somehow apply everything we know and simultaneously forget everything we know each time we conceive, refine, diagnose, and maximize a story’s structure. I have some techniques I use in my editing that authors and publishers have appreciated, so I’ll share those as a type of To Do list I hope you will find helpful.

Here’s the link for my latest post about the class, as featured on The Narrative Project blog.

Be sure to register in advance for Write Like Water. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Oh, yeah, the class is free. Cheers!

XO Laurel Leigh