Feb 2012 Open Mic

Dear Writers:

Visit the new “regulars” page started for our Village Books’ open mic nights. If you’d like to be added you must have read within the last three months. Send me your site link, too, so I can include it. The open mic pics I took recently were too dark, but I’ll take more and start adding them, so dress cute! Continue reading

Wes Pierce on Haruki Murakami

Dear Writers:

Wes Pierce’s Dogpatch post—At the Bottom of a Well and on Top of the World—about reading Haruki Murakami and the writing experience is worthy reading in itself. Check it out at www.DogpatchWritersCollective.wordpress.com.

As always, send me your writing-related events announcements so I can help spread the word! If you feel like it, tell a couple people about this blog. For more details about upcoming events and classes, visit LaurelLeighWriter.com.

xo Laurel Leigh