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Clover, A Literary Rag is a remarkably inclusive literary gallery, providing local writers, both seasoned and beginning, with an opportunity to be published in a diverse range of genres.  Many Bellingham writers are proud to say that their first published work appeared in Clover.” — Susan Chase Foster, author of the blog StillLifeWithTortillas and two-time winner of Bellingham’s Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest. Learn about Clover, including how to submit your work, here.



Mad props to this year’s recipients of the Mayor’s Arts Awards! Cynthia Zaferatos; Bellingham Art Beat (Shannon Laws); Homeless in Bellingham Video Series (Fredrick Dent & Lisa Spicer); Scott Henderson; Clover, A Literary Rag (Mary Gillilan & Norman Green); Bellingham House Concerts (Dan & Victoria Sabo); Sonja Max & Oliver Max; Kevin Murphy; Brend Hunt-Holma; and Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth (Ian Bivins).


raspy_125x110x72dpiRASP: Redmond Association of Spokenword. I was honored to be the featured reader at RASP on Friday, January 27, at 7 PM at VALA Eastside in Redmond Town Center (7517 166th Ave NE, #D140, Redmond WA). This is also an open mic, with signups beginning at 6:30 PM. RASP was founded in 1997 to promote literary arts and activities in Redmond, Washington, and the surrounding area. See more about RASP here.



VB alex kuo_0

Don’t miss this hit title from Dr. Alex Kuo!





Please send me your jpg-format fliers for writing-related events! Featured events are in Whatcom County WA unless otherwise noted.

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