Easy Japanese inspired holiday cocktails!

Dear Writers,

Our fellow writer Amy Kimoto-Kahn is preparing her cookbook manuscript for submission. As you know, part of that effort involves showcasing her blog and any hits she gets in the coming weeks will be incredibly helpful. I hope you will consider checking out her blog in support of another writer. While you’re there, mix up one of these delicious Japanese-inspired holiday cocktails!

Many thanks.

xo Laurel Leigh


What better way to kick off the holidays than with a nice festive cocktail?  I began researching  for cocktails at my annual Ugly Sweater Cookie Exchange and started to think about fun cocktails I could make that were Japanese inspired.  I love Japanese plum wine and sake by themselves, so thought they would be easy to combine with some traditional holiday flavorings.  My friend Margret and I did some taste testing and here is a sampling of the best ones!

Hot Sugar Plum Sake


2 oz of hot sake, 1 tsp of plum wine, 1 dash of cinnamon and a light shaving of fresh nutmeg on top. You can buy store bought sake and heat it up over a low simmer on the stove. Ladel into shot glasses and garnish with a cranberry. Make sure to serve this warm as it doesn’t taste as good at room temperature or cold.

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