Heidi Durrow Fundraiser Needs Our Help Tonight!

Heidi Durrow

Dear Writers,

Many of you who are my friends and students know of my affection for the work of Heidi Durrow, author of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, a book truly near and dear to my heart. Heidi has 5 hours left tonight in a fundraising goal for the Mixed Remixed Festival she co-founded. Mixed Remixed is a film, book, and media festival celebrating stories of the Mixed experience and racial and cultural connectedness through stories.

girl who fell from the sky

She’s only a few hundred dollars away from her 10K goal, so if you owe me any favors whatsoever or just want to help a fantastic, hard-working fellow writer with a truly relevant project, let’s help Heidi make her goal tonight!

Here’s the link to the festival:


XO Laurel Leigh

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