Gone Crying

Dear Writers:
This blog will be closed temporarily while its author cries for a few hours takes a few moments to feel sorry for herself and the children of Whatcom County celebrate and congratulate the fortunate winner of the latest Allegra Doodle.

See Jittery, the Winning Doodle at http://www.MikeAllegra.com!

Dear Sarah: I’m very jealous of happy for you. Not. It is a truly fantastic gnome doodle that should have been a salamander. I’m not usually so immature, but yes I am. Sincerely, Laurel

Awww, I’d be smiling if I wasn’t sobbing. Check out the truly awesome-o winning doodleBoo hoo.

XO Laurel Leigh


16 thoughts on “Gone Crying

  1. I’m so sorry for my win–I mean, your loss, Laurel!

    If you drink enough coffee, it kind of looks like a salamander . . . a really fuzzy salamander . . . 😀

    • Oh dear, I’m still trying to come up with words that rhyme with salamander. I’m not sure I can deal poetically with another critter at this juncture in my incredibly slow development as a poet!

  2. Laurel, I’m was interested to read that you’ve been brought to tears (of joy) over the Allegra Doodle event. While I concur that the Caffeine Gnome is glorious and quite fun, I wonder if a salamander would be even more interesting and eye-catching?

    • Alicia, I love you, but there is no joy in parentheticals. That dang gnome is glorious and fun and practically viral in the blogsphere. I do agree that a salamander would be awesome-o. There has to be more ways to spell ppppllllleeeeaaassseee.

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