About Town: October 2013

Dear Writers: I’ve been mourning the demise of my 40s.┬áBut I’m coming out of mourning right now to celebrate turning 50 on Halloween! I’ll be celebrating all through October and hope you join me, as there’s lots to do!

Good-bye 49; Hello 50!

Good-bye 49; Hello 50!

1) Get new reading glasses, cuz damn, the type on this page keeps getting smaller. Continue reading

October 2012 Open Mic

Dear Writers,
October’s open mic was spooky good, frankly.

image from the dabbler.co.uk

Being born on Halloween, I was uniquely qualified to emcee this particular open mic. A few witches showed up to help me cast a spell that called for some eye of newt and toe of frog as well as some scale of dragon, tooth of wolf, gall of goat and a tiger’s chaudron. All of this they stirred into a cauldron. If you haven’t guessed who they were by now, you need to go read your classics. Continue reading