Bob’s in Burlington

Dear Writers,

Last night I met writer Cate Perry at the Bob’s brew pub that’s in some guy’s field (read: Bob’s Burger and Brew in Burlington). Growing up in Bruneau, Idaho (population ~97), I would’ve loved some guy to put a restaurant in his field. I told Cate I was having trouble figuring out how to end a story. She listened to my summary and then said, “Wouldn’t it make sense that when the character finally gets what he wants, he wants something else?” That was precisely the prompt I needed to guide me to the story’s resolution. As writers, one of our best writing helps is the other writers and editors we know, who can lend their creativity and perspective to us when we’re struggling. Thanks to Cate and all the other fine writers/editors I know who are so generous with their time and creative energy.

There are some marvelous new blogs taking off in this new year. Cate’s is one of them. Check out, showcasing Cate’s singular wit. For those of you who’ve heard her read, that quirky, winsome voice is alive and well and hilariously not looking!! for love. She may not find love right away, but the good news is her credit card is apparently safe at Bob’s where she  left it last night after dinner. She just texted me to let me know. She and I traveled together once and she dropped her driver’s license in the airport and got paged to get it back. Cate, two words: zippered wallet.

I’m a fan of Amy Kimoto-Kahn’s delightful recipes and marvelous new twist on Japanese-American cooking for the family, including stuff little kids want to eat!, at Amy is working on a cookbook manuscript called Easy Peasy Japanesey. Over the years I’ve learned so much from cookbook authors about how to weave story and meaning into a recipe text that is also practical and delicious, and I’m excited to support Amy’s project.

Writer Selah J Tay-Song is getting prolific with her stories of QaiMaj, as well as having the coolest fantastical image of herself on her About page. Read or listen to Selah’s stories at Actually, I’ve been listening to one while writing this. Very awesome.

I’m your emcee at open mic at Village Books in Fairhaven this coming Monday at 7 pm. Bring your post-holiday anecdotes and New Year musings–or any creative work in progress. Hope to see you there! For more about events and upcoming writing classes, check out My Events and About Town pages @

Best wishes for your writing ventures in the new year. As always, feel free to send me your writing events and news, and if you feel like it, tell a friend or two about this blog site.

BTW: If you’ve seen the 1960 Swiss Family Robinson film starring John Mills and Dorothy McGuire, notice the scene at the front of the film where the ship hauls up on the rocks. Here’s a sailing ship broken up on the rocks in the rocking ocean, but the deck of the ship is completely stationary. While the Robinson family looks out at the moving water, the boat set doesn’t move. Cracks me up every time. That and how Dorothy McGuire retains her hairdo and earrings after a shipwreck and daunting raft trip to the shore. I read that book when I was a little kid and wished I could get marooned on an island. Isn’t it wonderful that a story written in 1812 has survived and entertained so many in its various versions? I can just picture some mom from 3012 reading Selah’s Dreams of QaiMaj to her kids. So write on, my friends!

xo Laurel Leigh

3 thoughts on “Bob’s in Burlington

  1. Awww, thanks Laurel! I wouldn’t be where I am as a writer without your guidance. In 3012, that mom will say, she couldn’t have written this without Laurel Leigh, the Greatest Writing Teacher of all Time, so listen to your teachers, kids : )

  2. Great to get this post! Cate is a STAR when it comes to ideas to push your writing to a new level. I’m so glad she’s been one of my ‘writing buddies’ for so long.
    I took a class at WCC today on blogging. Soon (yeah, right) mine will be up and running and I’ll send you the link. Cheers! Lish

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