April 2012 Open Mic

Dear Writers,

Here’s news from the latest Village Books open mic event, where we had an awesome variety of form and content. What a spectacular night!

Rae Ellen Lee read more from her wildly funny Field Guide to North American Geezers. She will be the featured author June 5 at 7 PM at Village Books, reading from My Next Husband Will be Normal. Nancy Lou Canyon read from her biographical fiction Me, Myself and We, due out in e-book format this year. Congrats, Nancy! Harvey Schwartz shared poetry including a tribute to his eleventh-grade English teacher. Matthew Brouwer read “Magic Spot No. 5” and other poetry from his latest collection, Men Who Walk with Canes. BTW: You can occasionally catch Matthew with his saxophone busking at the Bellingham Farmers’ Market.

Newcomer Meghan Thompson (pictured) shared her first attempt at fiction (she usually writes nonfiction), about a character who dreams of inheriting a mouthful of filling gold from an ancient uncle. Mary Loquvam introduced us to an engaging character who in the course of things comes upon a lifeless body! Dick Harris read “When the River Ran Both Ways” from his Reimagine collection. Jim Milstead started with a profound poem about parental abuse and then closed with some witty three-liners that had us all laughing. Susan Chase Foster explored the topic of grief in a story about S.I.D.S. Gary Wade offered his own twist on soliliquy form. Marilyn Flint read her clever poems and songs that help teach strange spellings in the English language.

I have to say, the one that made me chuckle hardest was Isabell Altpeters, who brought some poems she wrote while going through a painful breakup . . . but then reported that by the time she got to open mic the breakup was unbroken. Love on, Izzy!

Here’s some sweet stuff:

  • Congratulations to local writer (and classmate to many of you) Sabine Sloley, who was selected to attend the celebrated Tin House Workshop in Portland this summer! Way to write, Sabine!
  • Short story writer Buffy Cram and debut novelist Anakana Schofield will be reading from their books and talking about the craft of writing. The authors hope to reach out to writing students to discuss the craft of writing as part of their presentation. Wednesday, May 30, 7 PM at Village Books.
  • Check out and weigh in on a timely question posed by blogger Jilanne Hoffman: Is Lying on the Internet Illegal?

As always, send me your writing-related event notices so I can help spread the word! If you feel like it, tell a couple people about this blog. For more details about upcoming events and classes, visit LaurelLeighWriter.com.

Visit our open mic “regulars” page. If you’d like to be added you must have read within the last three months. Send me your site link, too, so I can include it!

The next open mic is Monday, May 28 at 7 PM in the Readings Gallery at Village Books. Bring your written words honoring memories and history—or any creative work in progress. The rosters fill early so be sure to sign up ahead of time at the main counter on the first floor or call (360-671-2626.

BTW: For those of you who read my Really Bad TV post from February 23, 2012, yes, I’m also watching The Bachelorette. Sigh.

xo Laurel Leigh

4 thoughts on “April 2012 Open Mic

  1. Laurel, Sounds like your open mic nights are pretty lively! Hope everyone there is planning to attend the second Chuckanut Writers Conference. I’m so sorry to miss it this year! And thanks for mentioning my blog post about lying on the Internet. I think it’s an interesting topic.

  2. Sorry to have missed last month. I lost my voice for about 8 days. Plant to be back in action this time around.

    On June 16th, I’ll be giving a talk on the TREE SOLDIER and the CCCs at Fort Nisqually.

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