Play (Modified) Liebster Blog with Me: Questions for Your Character

Dear Writers,

liebster-blog-awardThanks to Samir at Cecile’s Writers for nominating me for the Liebster Blog award! I love the blog world! I love Cecile’s Writer’s, too. They are that awesome group based in The Hague who wax dramatically and poetically and beautifully on all things writerly. Their blogs are truly thoughtful and inspiring, and I’m addicted to them. Continue reading

Insider Scoop: 2013 Chuckanut Writers Conference

cwcDear Writers:

This year’s Chuckanut Writers Conference is right around the corner! Guess what, I have a bunch of insider information to leak in advance of the website going live later this month. Please don’t tell a single person about this—instead, tell everyone you know! Because it’s gonna be another great conference with an awesome lineup of authors, and I can’t wait to see you there.

WHO’S COMING: Alice Acheson, Bruce Beasley, Jeff Bender, Wendy Call, Karen Finneyfrock, Waverly Fitzgerald, Kathleen Flenniken, Mary Hammerbeck, Thor Hanson, Gary Luke, Frances McCue, Suzanne Paola, Brenda Peterson, Naseem Rakha, Natalie Serber, Jennie Shortridge, Elizabeth Kracht, and Mr. Art of Racing in the Rain himself, Garth Stein. Continue reading