Open Mic Themes for 2013

Matthew Brouwer ReadingDear Writers,

A quick note for those of you who have asked, here’s the remaining totally optional open mic themes for this year, and you can always find these on my groovy website. Open mics are the last Monday of each month at Village Books. If you’re in town, please drop by and share a story or poem! Here’s more info.

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 Dear Writers:
Work Left To Do

Work Left To Do ~ Bruneau ID, where I grew up, and a place I write about under the working heading “Gracie and Them.” I took this pic last summer.

I’ve rarely given my students writing prompts, so it’s been interesting for me to attend a writing practice where prompts are routinely used. When I receive prompts, often I get practical and bend them into a project I’m already working on.

One of the prompts was “blissful.” Since my stories tend to be darker, this time I decided to just play. Below is what I wrote, reinforcing for myself what I by this time know. Even if I don’t intend to, I find that all of my stories readily fall into a few categories: a) struggles of the working class, b) stories about small-town life, and c) men, or rather, all the men I never.

(If you clicked on that last link, yes, that’s me in the wedding dress. I still have that dress, which no longer fits sixteen years later, but neither did the groom and I grew out of him first.)

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The Zombie Method by SubtleKate

Dear Writers:

April 15 looms for us all. Doing my taxes motivates me to write, sweep my floor, bite my nails, and look for blogs about zombies. Here’s one of the most clever and funniest writing practice prompts I’ve seen in a while. Gotta love it Down Under zombie-style! Many thanks to Kate for giving me a great reason to stop inputting tax data and work on a short story about a woman who really misses her ex-husband (a CPA, sigh), between March 15 and April 15. xo Laurel Leigh

The Zombie Method.

February 2013 Open Mic @ Village Books + Alex!

Dear Writers:


Alex from Village Books

Many of us have enjoyed the hospitality of the great folks at Village Books in Fairhaven, including the upstairs Book Fare Café and Paper Dreams alongside. Have you ever wondered what they do in their off time? Well, on a trip to Rustic Coffee Bar in Fairhaven with the coffee shop writer himself, a.k.a. Sean Dwyer, we encountered a very familiar face. Continue reading

Write with Respect

Dear Writers: I’m starting a campaign to reblog this post from Limebird Writers everywhere. It really needs to be on every blog around the world this morning. I read it and couldn’t stop laughing at the story title the kid used. Nope, I don’t have kids of my own, but I pick up a lot of poo from my beautiful dog, so I feel qualified to A) Relate and B) Comment. That said, there’s a wonderful teacher behind this post who handled a tricky situation with a lot of care and thoughtfulness. I reblogged this to Dogpatch Writers Collective and I guess I can’t double-reblog, so here’s the link to Limebird Writer’s post. Have a lovely day, everyone!