Write Out at the Firehall Café by Sean Dwyer

Dear Writers,

Check out this lovely coffee shop blog from Bellingham writer Sean Dwyer.

Write Out at the Firehall Café.

7 thoughts on “Write Out at the Firehall Café by Sean Dwyer

  1. One of the best write outs in the Pac NW is a round trip ride on the WSF ferries to Friday Harbor especially in the winter, as a walk on, be sure to check out the schedule and you can make a reserve on line…….fewer folks on the ferries…food…coffee….and rainy..gentle scenary…sitting at a table and window watching the islands go by….if it doesn’t facilitate your.. writing you’re past hope.

  2. Thanks for finding such a wonderful place, Sean, and sharing it with fellow writers. The combination of good company and a ferry ride is intriging. I’ll be attending a short story class at the community college or would be on the boat in a second. Hope “just enough” people attend to make the day perfect for the writers and the people working at the cafe. Lish

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