Story Question: Yum?

YumDear Writers:

What is a food your character has never tried and why? For economy, geography, an undeveloped palate or another reason? Upon eating that food for the very first time, what unexpected memory could be prompted, and how could that recollection influence what the character chooses to do next?

Happy writing!

xo Laurel Leigh

6 thoughts on “Story Question: Yum?

  1. Actually, in the book I’m working on (a children’s middle grade) the protagonists – twins, brother and sister – loathe liver even though they’ve never tried it. I wrote that into the story, but removed it when I realized the detail didn’t serve the story. Still, it was important to me to discover that about them.

    Aren’t we humans funny about food? The lollypop gives me the creeps because all I see is a sugar rush followed by a CRASH in my blood sugar level and no energy for the rest of the day! 🙂

    • I love in Coraline where Neil Gaimon has the dad make all these dishes that sound truly delicious and ambitious, but of course Coraline hates “recipes.” And yes, sugar is very very very bad (said eating dry sugary cereal without milk).

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