March 2014 Open Mic – You’re Perfect, I’m Lazy

Dear Writers:

The optional themes at these open mics are extremely serious, such as Green Cabbage, Green Fees, Greenhorns for March. En route, I think we adopted a couple new themes—All the World’s a Page—borrowing a line from Susan Chase-Foster, who borrowed a line from the Bard, and Claire Mercy’s lyrics—You’re Perfect, I’m Lazy.

Whatever the theme, it was a fantastic night of readings!

Clare Mercy

Clare Mercy strummed us into the night.

Clare Mercy of self-proclaimed “Clarehaven” brought a guitar and strummed us into the evening with a love story gone awry. “You’re perfect, I’m lazy,” opined Clare’s original lyrics.

From there it was on to Dick Harris, offering his beautiful poetical impression of Helena, Montana, written after a visit there with his wife.

Vince Landi, serial guy

Vince Landi, our beloved serial guy.

Vince Landi continued his serial tale, which is right up there with my Rush-Australia addiction. I want to know Vince’s ending but also don’t want the wickedly fun tale to end.

Harvey Schwartz‘s work recently appeared in Whatcom Writes, and he shared his hilarious piece entitled “Crossroads.” Congrats, Harvey!

Jim Milstead brought sardonic wit to “Nightingale,” involving an ocean voyage, “Captain Rehab,” and a singer whose notes resembled the sounds of crashing into an iceberg.

David Drummond, nature guy!

David Drummond, our beloved nature guy.

David Drummond took us outside with his delightful poem-stories of nature. Thanks for the narrative hike, David!

Susan Chase-Foster is known for her insomnia!

Susan Chase-Foster, feeling the insomnia!

In celebration of Na-Po-Wri-Mo, Susan Chase-Foster brought a poem about insomnia, titled “Insomnia,” as well as “Comic Sans,” telling us that yes indeed, “All the World’s a Page!”

Deanna Hawkins came armed with a panoply of metaphors, from Hotel California to Major Tom. Initially funny, this thoughtful piece described the narrator’s visits to an ailing husband and the perspective gained from mingling with his fellow residents.

Nancy Sherer told us about an unfortunate raccoon’s demise in her chimney, unknown to anyone until a few days later. In this case, how does one manage the odor, not to mention the wiggly maggots dripping into one’s house? Props to the heroic pest controllers, who arrived to save the day.

Poet Betty Scott arrived with an original Petrarchan sonnet! Thank you, Betty, for an exquisite revival of the form, reminding us where we’ve been and where we are. Betty followed up with a heartrending and compelling tale of broken love, in “What Her Journal Says.”

Poet Betty Scott

Betty Scott reading Petrarch-style.

Elizabeth Cardarelli admitted to being in love with the remarkable poet Kenneth Patchen, one of her inspirations for writing. She also shared an exquisite untitled poem about emotion and muscle movement.

Congratulations to all for another fine lineup of stories and poems!

Dave XXX, Village Books

A very familiar face at Village Books, Dave is often the VB overseer of Open Mic Nights.


Laurel Leigh. . . AND ETCETERA

♥ Next Open Mic: Celebrating National Poetry Month is the optional theme on Monday, April 21, at 7 p.m. in the Readings Gallery at Village Books. The rosters fill early so be sure to sign up ahead of time at the main counter on the first floor or call (360)-671-2626. Find pics from other open mics here!

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XO Laurel Leigh






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  1. Thanks for the update—nice to hear what everyone’s reading. I miss being there with all of you. I keep being out of town or having other commitments!

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