Writing and Yoga Workshop

Dear Writers,

I’m not sure which I like better: the idea here or the gorgeous poster! Stephanie Renee dos Santos, whom many of us around here know, is co-leading the workshop “Magic and Verve in Your Writing and Yoga Workshop” with bestselling author Barbara Kyle on June 20–22 in Fairhaven WA.

Here’s the write up from Stephanie: This is a unique opportunity for PNW writers, as Barbara is represented by the legendary Al Zuckerman of Writers House, one of New York City’s most renowned literary agencies (Al has represented Barbara for the nine books she’s had published and is Ken Follet’s agent too!). Barbara has extensive knowledge of the writing craft, 20 years of storytelling experience, and insider information about how the publishing industry works that will be beneficial and is essential to aspiring writers. Stephanie is certified in Integrative Yoga Therapy and in Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) and has developed writer-specific yoga practices to kindle writers’ creative fires and to liberate one’s authentic voice and deepest truths. She has developed these practices over the last five years while writing full-time herself.

Two more weeks of “Early Bird Pricing,” until March 31st! Here’s the link for more details and to register.

Relax. Expand. Write.


7 thoughts on “Writing and Yoga Workshop

    • Uh-huh, for once I agree with you. I just checked and rechecked the House Husband 10 Commandments, and you were clearly very miffed when you wrote it. Except for maybe #10. And #5. #5 doesn’t seem overly miffy. But the rest are clearly very miffy.


      I guess we won’t see you at yoga class anyway, since you are not allowed to leave the house in your sweats, and I think yoga pants qualify as sweats (that’s quoting from #1, which is exceedingly miffy). You are a very miffy blogger.

      Not as miffed as I am though, because I missed your doodle contest by a day. Can I do extra credit?

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