May 2013 Open Mic at Village Books ~ Memories and History

Dear Writers:

May’s open mic of course fell on Memorial Day, and that mood and theme underscored the night.

Poet Denise du Maurier

Poet Denise du Maurier

To our Monday ensemble of writers, we welcomed Linda Mercy, who joined this open mic for the first time and also kicked off the night with “My Mom’s Magic Scissors,” a story of a painful childhood bravely presented.

Janet Oakley came next, sharing a tense climbing scene from Timber Rose, her novel that is pending publication. Congrats, Janet! You have been working so hard!

Our special guests for the evening!

A couple very special guests dropped by to listen in.

Harvey Schwartz, with his usual flair, brought a prose piece called “Skin,” which tossed a surprising ending curve ball. He also read “Sputnik,” a poem of memory, worry, and wonder. Rather, “the sky is not the limit.”

Vince Landi continued his newly established tradition of the serial story for open mic, reading the concluding segment of his highly engaging story, “Two Painters.” What will he bring to read next? Continue reading

May 2012 Open Mic

Dear Writers,

What would you like done with your body after you’re dead? At the May open mic at Village Books, Shannon Laws’ comtemplative poem “Perhaps” offered a resonating reply. Henry Cross came next reading “Nessie,” a charming recollection about a true son of the South. His better half, Susan Campbell Cross, treated us to an excerpt of her novel in progress titled Consequences. She has 400 pages written to date. Go, Susan! With his usual panache, Matthew Brouwer entertained with poetry recalling a sour day at Folk Life (but it’s been much better lately, he reports).

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