Nightie Write

Dear Writers,

Do you have some of your best writing thoughts in the middle of the night? Me too!

The other night I jotted this: “The bracelet is more like a business transaction.” Granted, that only makes sense to me in the context of a story I’m working on that isn’t about environmental influences on goose rearing, but if you have your own version of this nocturnal epiphany, you get why I got excited upon finding this scrawl in the morning. If you share your night lines, we’ll make a found poem.

Last night my dog took it to a new level by crying to go out and eat grass at 2 a.m. (Backstory: pampered doggie with fussy tummy, no real grass in my unlandscaped backyard, no getting away from her whining in my ear since we sleep together.)

So as we strolled along, Chloe happily munching grass, I had a good 20-minutes of semi-wakefulness in which to head write. You’d think with all that bonus time I’d have come up with something really useful.

Nope. I got nothing. I hope you had better luck.

As always, send me your writing-related events announcements so I can help spread the word! If you feel like it, tell a couple people about this blog. For more details about upcoming events and classes, visit

xo Laurel Leigh

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