Really Bad TV

Dear Writers:

I frequently wonder if other writers share my not-too-secret penchant for really bad TV—not necessarily awful shows but as in TV time that’s really bad for getting other stuff done and can turn your brain into “mushy-mush,” to quote Hulu.

I get obsessed with certain shows for brief periods of time, and it’s always—almost always—related to an element of a story I’m working on. Writing for my Shoeless collection, I had a protagonist who drove an excavator, so I started watching Swamp Loggers to better understand large machinery in motion and how it’s maintained. Drafting a story set in Alaska drove me to Deadliest Catch, research and a cool show to boot.

But recently my TV taste went awry. I fell into watching The Bachelor, and now it’s the Monday night event at my house. This morning, after catching up on a few Bachelor blogs, I found my writing reason for being hooked on the show: Continue reading