Clicks are Being Formed

Rare footage of my legs circa 1975.

Rare footage of my legs circa 1975.

Dear Writers,

I have previously confessed that my guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelor on Monday nights. My wicked pleasure has become reading the scathing blogs the next morning. It’s open season, with everyone from highly positioned journalists to past contestants dishing and dissing the hunky hunks and girly girls who gather in exotic shooting locations to find their true love or kickoff a celebrity career or ideally both.

Rewind to last season for a sec, where dark-haired Courtney with legs down to there and then some scored the marriage proposal from Ben the winemaker. En route, Courtney was apt to blurt out some not-so-nice comments about her female rivals, who responded by blurting out some not-so-nice comments back. Not sure if I can point to an epiphany for the season, more like a best photo op, but the denouement was that Courtney and Bensie broke up, blurted out some not-so-nice comments about each other, and Courtney is now blogging about the current season of the show.

Which leads me to her blog from this season’s Episode 2, in which she lets us know that the new gals aren’t exactly besties either—in fact, “clicks are being formed.”

I can’t argue with that truth, and I also like her spelling and plan to use it hereafter.

Which takes me back to junior high. There were clicks there too, and I was never part of them. In fact, one of the cute cheerleaders had a party and invited every girl in the class but me. Poor me. But don’t feel bad, because my life got a whole lot better and I eventually made friends and got less awkward. Plus I could spell, which apparently precluded a stint on The Bachelor but does allow me to make a nice living even though my legs are kinda, well, short. Continue reading